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LAST ORDERS October 11 2016

Big news - Milkcart is relocating overseas!!

Yep, we are packing up the family and heading to the US to relaunch Milkcart to the international market!!

Ryan and I feel so lucky that we can do this, and it is all down to the support of our wonderful customers, like you.

We started Milkcart 3 years ago, and not only has it sustained us as a family, it has been fun, difficult, challenging, a steep learning curve, but also extremely rewarding.

Now it has come to the point where it is allowing us the opportunity to move overseas, so we feel endlessly grateful that through our little furniture business, we can fulfil this dream too.

In accordance to the changes, we have made our last orders of materials, and when we run out, that is it! AUSTRALIAN PRODUCTION WILL STOP!! So, there are limited numbers of every item available, so be quick and buy now or cry later!



Marnie and Ryan




I subscribe to the belief that a house is not a home unless there is art on the walls.

And for so long, the walls in my house were blank, with our art propped up in the hallway awaiting the renovations to be completed. Now, having reached the point where we can now decorate, I have been researching and discovering some amazing local talent and steadily filling my home with artwork. 

And it is not breaking the budget! Here is how...


Original Artwork by Marnie McKnight


Not all artwork has to be expensive. I am currently saving for a David Bromley, so it might be a while before I get that, but my walls needed some love and the choices out there are amazing.


As many of you will know, I use Yorkelee Prints a lot in my Milkcart Instagram shots.

They are not only beautiful and classic prints, they are incredibly affordable, come in all different sizes and will suit pretty much any room in the house. Printed on a variety of different papers, they are a breeze to order online, great quality and beautifully designed.

Prices range from $8, so really, you can't go wrong!

Dreamer Print from Yorkelee Prints.


I recently met the lovely Brit from Etre Britta via Instagram - although I had been following her gorgeous page for a while, when I saw her original artworks, I was smitten.

Her Limited Edition prints are stunning, and range from only $130 for A3 size.

Very cleverly, she also prints onto fabric, which can be folded to fit into a small frame, then opened up, ironed and popped into a larger one for a change.

I adore the versatility, the vibrant colours, reminiscent of an aerial ocean view.

It has popped a hint of beachside living into one of my recent photoshoots.

Fabric prints from Etre Britta


Sarah Mangion is a Melbourne based graphic designer with an amazing eye for colour. When I received my first print of hers, it went straight up on the wall and hasn't moved since.

Digitally printed on 100% recycled paper, her colours are vibrant without being busy, bright without being overpowering, and each piece definitely sends out happy vibes!

Print from Sarah Mangion


My own art is typically influenced by Milkcart with its minimal, Scandi style tendencies, and with each piece a one-off, I am hoping to make original artwork available to those who previously considered it out of reach for their budget.

Original artwork by Marnie McKnight 

With each one of these artists based in Australia, the art scene here is getting interesting, and more affordable. So, what are you waiting for!?


MARNIE MCKNIGHT ART February 19 2016

As many of you know, Marnie has been wiring tirelessly on another project which was launched this week - Marnie McKnight Art!

Marnie has always drawn and painted and with a redistribution of time, she was able to free up a few extra hours and head to the studio to put together her first official collection, entitled "Talking Walls".

Drawing inspiration from Sydney summer storms and marrying in the current themes in interior design, she has curated a moody, yet vibrant collection of paintings, ranging from only $50.


With such a low starting price point, Marnie aims to bring original art into people's homes, in much the same way as Milkcart has carved a niche in the designer furniture market.

We wish her the best of luck!


Before the room reveal, do you remember how it used to look?

Let's kindly call it a "vintage style kitchen, complete with enthusiastic use of vinyl on the walls and floors, a daring clash of pattern and style, and an interesting mustard ceiling, highlighted by the neon light fitting."

And the inspiration for the room...

A vintage toy Melbourne tram.

And now… the AFTER shots!

A calm, chill space, with heaps of light and great storage. 

The vintage map of Melbourne was sourced in the local op shop, the pillowcase is from Flat & Fitted and the Gatsby bedside was custom made to work in the small space with the low ply bed, which is on castors.

We intend to create a built-in bed at some stage and will then use this one as the trundle. Push back the mattress on this bed and there is also a painted car track so it can be used for cars and lego builds too, and then pushed back under when it is time for bed.

The Concrete Puddles adds just the right amount of texture here, mirroring the marbled concrete Design Twins pen holder.

The skateboard was simply customised with the use of a Posca Pen.

Design Twins concrete cup and Target Lego money box.

I am not fooling myself that an (almost) 8 year old will keep a plant alive in his room, so although I am not a fan of fake plants, I have added one here because honestly, at that height, you can't tell - and it looks great!

My son made the two timber houses himself with workshop scraps, and I sprayed the Freedom geometric diamond black with Rustoleum spray paint.

The concrete ampersand is by The Flatmate Creative, and the monkey was a gift from NZ when he was born.

We look forward to adding some art and more personal bits and pieces to the room, but for now, he is delighted, and it is easy to see why...

It is his own relaxing retreat, where he can hideout from his sisters to just be himself.

And he loves it, so I say, mission accomplished!




So, the update from the last blog post is that the room has been gyprocked! 


The floor plan basically this...

It is an awkwardly shaped room, but I believe that you don't need a big, regular sized room to make it special. In fact, we have been able to work with the quirks of the room to design quite a practical space, not only for my son now, but for when he grows into a teenager, or if he moves out and we decide to reclaim it as a study / spare room.

This is sketch represents my ideas of how we can make it work.

As our house is quite minimal and VERY white, I wanted to add a bit of (muted) colour and personality into this room - it is for a young boy after all, so should be stimulating, but essentially I want him to add his stamp of personality to the space. I just need the bones there for him to work with.

We agreed on the key idea of Melbourne. He loves AFL and loves "old stuff" so I dug out an old handmade wooden Melbourne tram that he use to play with when he was a toddler. We selected some more coordinating items that we had around the house - the map from the living room, the ukelele from his toy box, and built a mood board from there.

Lets see how it develops over the next week or so...

Stay tuned...


The home of the Milkcart family is a small weatherboard cottage in a leafy suburb of Sydney. We love our house, but when we moved in, although structurally sound, it was a visual nightmare.

Swirly brown shag carpet, purple bathroom, brown vinyl wallpaper, orange ceilings. Not really to our taste.

So, we have been renovating it bit by bit, and have now come to the old kitchen. 


Mustard walls and ceiling, brown cabinetry, orange bench tops. It all had to go. And now, it will be my sons room.


The room is small, but has a gorgeous outlook onto the garden and valley below, so we plan to make the most of it. We replaced the window with one we removed from elsewhere in the house and closed up the old doorway. The larger window will connect it more with the outdoors, as well as making the space brighter, and therefore feeling larger.

We have also decided on built-in furniture to keep it streamlined. Luckily, we know a thing or two about furniture, so can do it ourselves, keeping it simple, but also keeping in mind that this room will need to grow with his needs.



Halloween is over and you know what comes next - yep, the big guy in the red suit! It comes around faster and faster every year, don't you think?

Well, to help you out in the lead up to this festive season, I have curated a few of my favourite homewards and products to help inspire you and yours...



The new The Horse wallet - so much amazingness in one little package. I don't really need to say any more. 


Available online at or in store at one of my favourite local boutiques, DarlingXTwo for $165.

Image via The Horse.



The TurtleShell - or as it is sometimes known, the MANSAVER.

Perfect for propping up his beer on those long summer days in front of the cricket, this one is a sure winner. $175.

Available online here.



Everyone wants their names in lights, right!?

So, make your little man feel super special with Little Letter Lights Co light in his initials!

Image via Little Letter Lights Co.



Do you need to go any further than this gorgeous canopy?

Any girl will feel like a princess with this in her room, with no need for any extra polyester Elsa dresses entering the house!

Available from Design Twins.

Image via Design Twins.



Frankly, you know and I know that before the age of 1, a baby doesn't really care about toys - your car keys, the remote control, (read - anything they are not allowed to have) they love. So don't spend your money on another plastic figurine which will be chucked in the bin come Boxing Day.

Make their room a pleasure to be in - it will encourage them to play in there as they grow, if it is a pleasant place to be.

Sleepy Eyes by Pretty in Pine are perfect for the little baby, and as the child grows into a cheeky toddler, just flip them around to make some happy eyes! Too cute!

Image via ThisLittleLove


NOVEMBER 1 is marked as the CHRISTMAS CUT OFF DATE - so any orders placed after this date will not be guaranteed a pre-Christmas delivery (although we will try our best!)

From November 1, you will also notice some price increases in a few of our products due to GST.

So, the moral of the story, is to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW to guarantee the best deal, and pre-Christmas delivery!


NOVEMBER 1 is marked as the CHRISTMAS CUT OFF DATE - so any orders placed after this date will not be guaranteed a pre-Christmas delivery (although we will try our best!)

From November 1, you will also notice some price increases in a few of our products due to GST.

So, the moral of the story, is to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW to guarantee the best deal, and pre-Christmas delivery!


I have had a lot of interior design questions this week, with the same thing being asked over and over.

People want a room that their child can grow up in, but it not necessarily date as they grow. A simple request, right? 

Styling by Milkcart

You would think so, but styles change, kids get sick of Elsa / Thomas / Batman and the next new thing comes along quickly.

I love to redecorate every couple of years, adjusting to my kids changing interests but this doesn't mean that I spend a lot of time and money doing it. The basics of the room stay the same, it is just the accessories that change.

Image by Nod - this bedhead is totally removable so when the circus theme has gotten old for your kid, you can easily update either the bedhead or the sheet set to create a brand new look. No need for a new bed or side table, those are just right.

So. The key is to get the basics right. 

The same rules apply to clothing as to homewares and furniture; you should spend money on the classic, neutral, well made items that will last, and buy cheaper accessories that you can update every now and again as the fashion, or your taste, evolve.

A Star Wars / soccer fan. Both can work together! Styling by Milkcart

Take a classic white shirt - a crisp, neutral background that goes with almost anything. If flares are in, you wear it with that. Skinny jeans are the new thing?  Not worries, the white shirt still works. Even the palazzo, leggings, shorts. It can support a bright chunky necklace, a slouchy scarf or a delicate gold chain. Whatever the fashion, it provides a beautiful backdrop.

Use that mentality when shopping for your kids room. Take her curtains. Are they pink? Are they made from viscose? Is Peppa jumping in a muddy puddle on it? Yes? Then, pass it by. Yes, your little princess may love Peppa and pink more than life itself, but buy a classic window treatment (think plantation shutters/linen curtains/neutral roman blinds) and instead purchase a pink throw cushion. The cushion is a lot easier to update and you know that by the time she is 8, Peppa will be, like, so lame. 

This goes for all big ticket items. The bed, the chair, the drawers.

Think classic and simple.


Minted Interiors shows how a classic choice of bed, rug and bedside can work with lots of different elements to get the room your little girl loves.


Check out this boys room by Little Liberty Rooms - the Minecraft / Soccer theme is there, but in a classy way, not over powering the room. And with the removable wall decals (find similar at Vivid Wall Decals), the whole feel can be changed in an instant.


A toddler moodboard I did a while back, and a proposed mood board for the pre-teen. The chair, sideboard, blanket, light fitting remain, but considered choices give it a whole different feeling for a different stage in life.

To be honest, this rule works for every room. The couch, dining table, coffee table.

Even if you do get sick of them all and want to sell them on eBay, at least if they are classic, they are bound to fit in someone else's home too, so you may get a better price than you imagined. (And remember, when you are getting rid of the unwanted, there are better places than the tip. You would be surprised how wonderful it feels to give away that old desk for free on Gumtree.)

So, spend money in the right spots, and just move around the pillows and accessories every now and again. and hey presto! The backdrop is a room which can carry any style, and you still get to shop for accessories every season - thats the fun part, right!?


We at Milkcart feel so grateful for the continuing support of our loyal customers, and want to give back to the community this month. 

We have chosen 3 charities, and for just over a week each in September, they will be receiving 10% of our online sales. So, not only can you feel good for supporting local business, you are also supporting a local charity… and you get a great piece of handmade furniture out of it!

We have chosen Dandelion Support Network - an amazing local group of volunteers who enrich and connect communities by collecting and distributing preloved children's equipment and clothing to families in need, via hospitals and support agencies across Sydney.

It is a charity well worth getting behind and I encourage you all to check out the amazing work that they do, and how easily you too can contribute.

Also, we are donating to RedKite who are an outstanding children's cancer charity.

And finally, we will be finishing off the month with 10% of website sales going to The McGrath Foundation. This one is particularly close to our hearts as a great friend of ours battles her breast cancer, and we hope that our little drop in the ocean will go some ways to helping find a way to help cancer sufferers, learn more about the disease and maybe even one day, cure it! 


Thank you all for helping us in our September mission to give back - we raised nearly $600 for our chosen charities!! 


In October, we also donated an e-design package to Dandelion Support Networks annual online auction, and look forward to working with the winner to e-design their new room!


Unless you have been living in an Instagram free zone, you will have definitely come across our lovely friends the Design Twins

Image via Citizens Of Style 

Design Twins Pots

We met Crystal and Mitch via IG, and have seen them evolve from small scale handmade makers, into hugely successful business people - with the cherry on top being their amazing new store that opened just this week!

Image via Citizens Of Style

Design Twins Pots, Milkcart bedsides, Green Cathedral X Shibori bed, Milkcart lamp

Curating an incredible range from Australian creatives such as Green Cathedral, Into The Fold, Cheeky Reubens,  and of course the Design Twins and Milkcart, the Design Twins Store embraces handmade, supports local and brings Instagram to life.

Image via Citizens Of Style

Design Twins Pots, Milkcart lamp, Green Catherdral kids furniture, Incy cot, Numero 74 canopy, Intothe Fold cushions

Crystal herself admits that she pretty much shopped for her store by finding inspiring feeds on Instagram and bringing the products from behind the iPhone to real life in their bricks and mortar store.

Image via Citizens Of Style

Milkcart furniture, Barnaby Lane chair, Society of Wanderers sheepskin

While all products are available on their online site, I would highly recommend a visit to the St Peters store to touch, feel and experience all the goodness in there.

Image via Citizens Of Style

Milkcart furniture, Cheeky Reubens pendants, Milkcart Lamp, Incy Interiors X Megan Morton bed, Danielle Cross artwork

Also, have a chat with the Twinnies themselves - they are sure to point you in the direction of something you just can't live without!

Design Twins Store - 75 Mary St, St. Peters, NSW 2044 (Parking on Edith St)

Image via Citizens Of Style

Design Twins Pot, Milkcart bedside, milkcart lamp, Green Catherdral X Shibori bed, H and G shelf, HK Living chair


Milkcart has always been popular choice in nurseries - probably due to the robust nature of timber, and the easy wipe surface of laminate. Also, the Scandinavian style colours lend themselves beautifully to a non gender specific childs room, while blending practicality, style and clean lines.

Check out the photos below on how to use your Milkcart furniture in your babes room!


Jimmy's nursery, with our X Sideboard, as featured in InsideOut magazine.


The first draft of a gender neutral nursery e-board by Milkcart Style, with the ever-popular X Sideboard.


Aiden's room, featuring Milkcart Black Betty bedside by Nest 4 Kids.


Baby Neal's nursery with Milkcart custom X Sideboard, styled by This Little Love.


A beautiful Scandi Style nursery moodboard, by Minted Interiors, featuring our Concrete Puddle 

I have also created a few e-moodboards for clients recently, and have gleaned lots of ideas from Pinterest - check out my full pin board on


Kids really do have everything these days. With more and more of our bedsides being used in kids rooms, I have taken a plunge into the world of boys interiors and curated a few of my favourite local interior designers rooms for boys.

Each quite different, and each amazing in its own right. Check them out.

An adventurers room, by Petite Vintage Interiors

I am loving the Pony Rider linen in this one.


 A monochrome nursery, by Little Dwellings

Shadow boxes are such a fun display in a boys room - check out Timbatrend for similar.



A Minecraft room for the cool computer kid, by Little Liberty Rooms

Kmart have this Trent Grid doona cover set in store now. I adore it.


A fun geometric room, by Milkcart

Add geometrics with some removable decals from Vivid Wall Decals. The perfect solution for renters too!


A Harvard style sporty room, by Little Liberty Rooms

You can't go wrong with a bedside locker in a sports themed room, and I love this one!

To check out the interior design packages that we offer at Milkcart, click here!



I am often asked about the painted white floorboards in our home, and it is always something people comment on when they come to my house for the first time.

white painted floorboards and bright red door

Not uncommon in Scandinavian countries, white floors are usually encountered in Australia in the form of tiles. While I have nothing against tiles, I have a peculiar love for timber and try to use it a lot within our home.

black and white bedroom with white floors

Image via Pinterest

A 1950s fibro/asbestos cottage, our house had a variety of carpets and lino, all in vomit-inducing swirls of green, brown and orange. They had to go. And quickly.

raw floorboards

Underneath, we found that most of the house had raw cypress pine floorboards, generally in pretty good condition. We waited for a few months to decide what to do with them, but finally went with our gut. We painted them white.

Image Porters Paint

Using Porters Paint Perfect Floor paint, it was a really easy job - the hardest part was just getting the furniture out of the way to do it. It dries overnight, so you are able to walk on it the following morning - a godsend when you have 3 kids under 5.

white floorboards for scandi style room, leopard shoes

It has been over a year since we painted them and I still adore the light and space they lend to our home. The floorboards run throughout all living, dining, kitchen and bedroom areas. We do notice a bit of wear and tear under the table and have touched it up once with some extra paint, (and added felt pads to the bottom of our chairs) but otherwise, it has performed beautifully.

beach house in Sydney with white painted floorboards

I am not the most domestic of people and am often asked how quickly they become dirty. The answer is this. Quite quickly, because I am lazy. They are easy to clean (I vacuum daily, spot clean occasionally, and fully mop once a week) but the great thing is: they always give the appearance of cleanliness.

rustic white floors with modern sideboard in neutral room

Despite the name Perfect Floor Piant, I love that they don't pretend to be perfect. The house is old, and I am not trying to hide that - more like trying to embrace it. So if the floor looks a bit rustic after a while, I will embrace that too.

living room with white floors and walls but really welcoming

My neighbours loved our white floors but wanted a slightly more subtle tone, and have recently had their old orangey cypress pine floorboards lime washed with Porter Paints Limewash.

They had to move into the back part of the house during the process, as the floor guy had to sand back all the old polyurethane floors, lime wash, wait, and then seal with Clearcote. The result is unreal and the feel under your feet is silky smooth. They are delighted, and it has completely changed the feel of the home. 

Image via Pinterest

Finally, in our little studio at the bottom of the garden, we chose Ikea Tundra floating floorboards to go over the uneven concrete surface there. We previously used this floor in our old townhouse and loved it. White again, the shade sits somewhere between the opaque floorboards in our house, and the lime wash of our neighbours, but is a laminate floor.

I love my Ikea Tundra lime washed  Floating Floor

Laying it only took one day in this space, and we are over the moon. The light has changed completely and given the room a sense of space and calm which definitely didn't exist in there before. It is really easy to clean, and smooth as butter.

Image via Pinterest

Can you tell I love white floors?




The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

My dad popped over to see his sister in NZ recently and found out that I (Marnie) have a bit of a line of furniture makers in the family. Who knew?

The most famous seems to be my Great-great-uncle Robert Cranwell who was involved in two furniture companies. He established Cranwell & Company and later became a partner in the firm Hollowat, Garlick and Cranwell. This became one of the most well known furniture manufacturers in Auckland and had a gorgeous workshop/store on Queen St - his building is the one furthest to the right.

Check out one of the very fancy pieces that he made - yikes - certainly not the simple lines we embrace here at Milkcart in this amazing piece. I mean, the craftsmanship then was amazing and not a power tool in sight!

A bit blurry, I know - but this lists all the types of timber used in just this one piece. Imagine.

I was so lucky to find out too, that my aunt has one chair left by Robert Cranwell, known in the family as the Grandpa Chair, and if I play my cards right, it will be mine at some stage… 



BEDROOM ENVY - 5 tips to stay cosy this winter May 12 2015

Create a cosy bedroom this winter with these five simple tips from Milkcart Style.


The newest Milkcart furniture line is available online today!

We have been listening to your ideas, sourcing our timbers and working on new pieces to suit your homes, resulting in the gorgeous new Monroe Collection.

Our customers often say that they have grown out of cheap Ikea style furniture and are ready to invest in good quality pieces that will last over time. 100% handmade from American Oak in our South Sydney workshop, this collection of living room furniture still embraces the clean lines of Scandinavian design that we adore, but adds extra depth with the beautiful grain of the timber and a point of difference with the criss cross legs, while all the time staying within reach of any budget.

Our first release items are the Brentwood coffee table, Gatsby side table and console

Shop the new arrivals now and sign on to our newsletter to keep updated on the next release in this collection.


We were so excited when we opened our copy of our favourite magazine today and saw a gorgeous home tour, featuring our super popular X Sideboard.

InsideOut visited the home of Lauren and Matt, and you can too - via the glossy pages of this months issue! House envy, anyone?

They have a stunning modern home, full of pops of colour on a neutral background, allowing the home to change and evolve as they do.

We are in love with this boys nursery, using the clever but often unsung idea of putting the cot in the middle of the room. The Milkcart X Sideboard currently displays shoes and trinkets but is a timeless piece that can change its role as the kids grow older.

Prints and chair from Middle of Nowhere, Cushions by Miles and Nate and Ouch.

The Scandinavian theme of light and simple style flows throughout, and the homeowners have used Milkcart's most popular (and affordable) bedside tables in their guest room, pictured below.



cloud porn with this large black and white print, available on Milkcart

I am delighted to announce that we will be embracing cloud porn by having a limited edition run of some beautiful photographic prints entitled Milk Sky!

For those who are addicted to sunny skies, there will be three sizes available, starting from $40 and will be ready to preorder next week… I am just finalising the delivery date with the printer, but keep your eyes peeled for them!

I ADORE them, and already have one hanging in my house… the perfect wall art for a Scandi style home!

Check it out a sneak peek of our cloud prints, online soon.



It is no April Fools trick - we are discounting a couple of our most popular items from the Dolly Collection from 9am April 1 ONLY in a 24 hour flash sale.

Check out the ever popular Dolly Bedsides, or my personal favourite - the Skinny Dolly, to receive a heavy discount. Our cute atomic inspired Jetson is also on sale, so maybe grab one of those on your way out… happy shopping, and thank you again for supporting local business!!!


NEW ARRIVALS March 16 2015

Today, we launched the Black Betty Bedside and Skinny Betty hall stand.

Both are made of sustainable pine and tassie oak, laminated in a gorgeous matte black finish - perfect for the monochrome room!

Check out these gorgeous styled shots, and head to our shop to order now!



We were lucky enough to have been chosen by a great local business - PRS Partners - to restyle their office spaces in Miranda and Thirroul.

Both makeovers covered three separate areas - the reception area, meeting room and boardroom.

I worked closely with the PRS team and Bruce Bros floor specialists, to choose the wall colours, floor coverings and create an updated office, keeping the core values and company colours in mind.

We set about replacing the early 1990s furniture with some bespoke Milkcart pieces, as well as sourcing chairs and accessories to complement the new look.

We added a few fun updates too, like a gorgeous mirror and custom shelf for the unisex bathroom, some beautiful photos taken locally, and a variety of easy care plants.


The PRS company colours are black, white and orange, so we incorporated them in the office while using a lot of grey and timber throughout to soften the palette.

An outdated and cluttered set of drawers and cabinet were replaced with a lowline storage unit to hide all of the mess and create a streamline look in the meeting room. The succulents balance out the yukka in the corner of the room.

The PRS logo is circular, so we encouraged continuity of form by using Muuto Dots in the reception area, and created a kid-friendly area in a previously unused nook. The timber reception top warms up the area and the refinished black desk front allows it to pop.

We created a practical and beautiful American Oak desk, and storage in the form of a sideboard under the large window. The orange from the company logo is hinted at, with the pop of colour on the meeting room chairs, and the copper Uashmama bag on the sideboard.

 The proximity to the beach, and the relaxing feel of water prompted us to install some gorgeous shots of the local area, and bring depth to the meeting room.



It was important that the two offices had the same feel, but with different layout and personalities of their own. The Thirroul office needed its flooring replaced, so the guys from Bruce Bros laid an amazing floor and we got to work over that.

The reception desk was dated and impractical, so we redesigned it and created a new one, making the space more attractive, while being more user friendly at the same time.

The meeting room leads off the back of the reception, and as well as creating another bespoke desk and shelving in there, we added orange guest chairs to echo the ones in the Miranda office. They create a nice point of interest when entering the reception.

The boardroom table was too large, and the chairs too bulky for the room, so we replaced them with a custom made American Oak table, and slimline office chairs. The ugly mass of wires and modems was hidden away in a cabinet, similar in style to the ones dotted around the Miranda office, creating a streamlined look.

All in all, it was a  great project to work on and we are all delighted with the final results!


STYLE CURATOR March 05 2015

Thanks so much to Style Curator Gina for interviewing us for her amazing blog Yikes! 

Here is an excerpt...

How would you describe milkcart’s design style?

“Most people tag it under the Scandinavian style umbrella and we’re happy with that,” says Marnie.

“We have an intern from Sweden who just started working with us and one of the first things she asked was where in Scandinavia we have travelled! She was surprised to learn we’ve never been,” laughs Marnie.

I would say our style is about simple clean lines and creating multi-functional pieces that are slightly Scandinavian and slightly minimalist.

Tell us how milkcart came about.

“Initially what happened is Ryan and myself moved from a small townhouse into a three bedroom home and we couldn’t afford to furnish it with the pieces we liked so we decided to make our own.

“We started making crate shelves for the kids room, then a coffee table and other pieces using scraps from around our house. Ryan is a residential builder so we had heaps of pallets sitting around the house and used them to build most of our first pieces.

“Our house is an old 50s style home and much of our old furniture was too big for the space. We upcycled the pieces that could work to make them fit in with the style of our new home.

“From there we decided to start making pieces to sell.”


To read the full version, pop on over to

FREE DELIVERY March 02 2015

There is now FREE DELIVERY on all of our handmade furniture.

YES! That means our best selling bedsides, concrete side tables, consoles, sideboards and all Milkcart goodies!

And don't forget that if you are local to Sydney and would prefer to pick up from us at our workshop in the Sutherland Shire, you can enter the discount code for $50 off your purchase!!

Find more info here

Happy shopping!!


We are discontinuing our Domino Desk on March 1 to make way for more exciting new items.

They will only be available online for a few more days, but if you want one, make sure you tune in to our FLASH SALE on Sunday to place your order at a heavily discounted price!

Details will be put up on Instagram, so follow us there @milkcart !!

MOODBOARDS February 17 2015

I have been lucky enough to be asked to help design some new rooms for friends and family, and this has morphed into a little sideline over the last six months - Milkcart Style.

At Milkcart, we embrace Scandinavian design with its clean lines and timeless practicality, which fits beautifully into Australian homes with the abundance of light and space we have here. Saying that, we don't always stick to the traditional white and monochrome, and as you can see from the examples below, we enjoy a pop of colour.

Here, you can see the original mood board for my son's room, which kick started it all.

He has a dark room, so we decided to embrace the cosy by painting it a dark grey. Adding white triangle decals added a fun, geometric feel and as they are fully removable, when we grows out of them, they can just peel off. To counteract the grey, we went with black, white and yellow to add dramatics, and a bright pop of life. What do you think?

And, the finished product...

Sideboard from Milkcart

Triangle shelf from TopKnot Designs

Darth Vader print from Studio Cockatoo

Triangle Wall Decals from Vivid Wall Decals

Bedside table from Milkcart

Bed and shelves from Ikea


I have a few people who are working on their rooms, picking up the bits and pieces as they go - check out this lounge room moodboard - seemingly, the real thing is looking great, so I will be after a progress shot soon!

Finally, this is an example of a second draft mood board for a girls bedroom - the final copy almost ready to submit to my client!

If you are interested in having a mood board created for your space, just email me at!


We are very excited in Milkcart HQ this month as we have been featured in one of our all time favourite magazines!

InsideOut has interviewed us and popped us in their current edition, which is in newsagents, and online now at

Go buy it - I did!! (In fact I bought 3, I was that excited!)


WE HAVE MOVED January 06 2015

Due the amazing support for our business, we have had to move out of our small shared factory space and move into a large workshop all of our own!

We are still finding our way with it, changing things about, adjusting how we use the space etc, and February will have official opening hours so you can visit.

Also, later down the track, we will be setting up a showroom too, featuring our most popular items. Come see us sometime!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! December 23 2014

What a year it has been for Milkcart, and we have YOU to thank!!!

This time last year, Ryan was still working a day job and we were just building the idea of Milkcart and where wanted to go with it. Then suddenly, we found we had exceeded all of our goals and kept having to update them, time after time.

The last few months have been incredibly busy for us and we have had to extend our lead time but we are working all over the Christmas period to try and close the gap and get things back on a more steady footing.

We will also be back selling on Etsy, Down That Little Lane and some other of our favourite sites as we adjust to this exciting new pace. And there are SO many new things happening in 2015, I am bursting to tell you, but you will just have to stay tuned to find out...

Until next time, Merry Christmas, thanks for your support this year and health and happiness to you all in 2015!

Marnie and Ryan



REDUCED LEAD TIMES December 15 2014

Good news! We have been working hard to reduce the turn around on all of our items, and happily, we are getting there!!

We have been able to cut the wait time in half for some our most popular items, but are still working on bringing the whole range down to a more manageable level. Thank you for your patience while we work through our current orders and projects, and stay tuned for more exciting developments coming up before the end of the year...


Handmade means "made by hands"! December 05 2014

Recently, I have had people ask about WHO makes our Milkcart Danish style furniture, how we do it, and whether we outsource to China or other manufacturers. 

Milkcart consists of myself (Marnie) and my husband, Ryan. I am the brains. He is the beauty. And together, WE make the furniture.

The "Scandinavian aesthetic meets Aussie beach lifestyle" that we love inspires our designs. Each item comes about as a collaboration between the two of us, and from there, we source the timber, apply the laminate, measure, cut, screw, nail, glue, sand, seal, wax, buff, and finish each and every item.

Everything we make is created our four hands… which is why Milkcart is proudly handmade.

Read more about us here


Busy busy busy! November 20 2014

Although it may may seem quiet at our end, things are hectic behind the scenes.

Not only are we knee deep in Christmas orders, we are planning our move to a larger space soon, mid-way through a fab office style and install, and have some really exciting things lined up for 2015!

I can't wait to reveal all… but til then, here is a picture of my partner in crime finishing up some of the 110 items we are sending out next week… maybe yours is among them!




Ending the year on a high note! November 09 2014

Talk about ending the year on a high note!

It was such a pleasure meeting so many of you in October, and thank you for all the orders! As a result, our lead times have been blown out for 12 weeks which we are both delighted and horrified by. It is amazing that we have such interest in our designs, but terrible that we have to make you wait so long for them!

Ryan is working hard out trying to reduce that lead time and it is looking like we will be able to return to more manageable levels soon, but please bear with us as we attempt to get out all of the Christmas orders.

...and stay tuned because some VERY exciting things will be happening in 2015!!!

TEMPLE AND WEBSTER October 17 2014

WOW! What month!

I know that we will be seeing a lot of you guys over the next 2 weekends, with Finders Keepers in Melbourne starting in a couple of hours, and Grand Designs Live Sydney next week… but for those of you who can't make it to us in person, pop online!


Not only are we here, we are also being featured on Temple and Webster, with great prices on our most popular items!! It is a huge deal for us, and we are delighted to be working with them… and while you are on there, check out those new Grand Designs cushions… love them!!


Come see us in October! October 01 2014

Remember to mark in your diary that we will be at Finders Keepers Melbourne and Grand Designs Sydney in October - Come see us!!!!


GET IN QUICK!!! September 29 2014

Just a heads up to our gorgeous blog followers that October is shaping up to be an INSANE month for Milkcart!!

So if you have been thinking about ordering one of our handmade pieces, GET IN QUICK!


From October 1, there will be a lot of changes (you may have already noticed the new look website) including new lead times, new custom order guidelines and some price changes… so order NOW!!!

FINDERS KEEPERS!!! September 24 2014

Pencil it in, Melbourne peeps - we are heading your way for Finders Keepers!!!

Not long now...

Winkelen Magazine September 01 2014

So, I presume that you have heard about the amazing online magazine called Winkelen?

No? Well you should have!! it is amazing! 


Winkelen has a special place in our heart because it is a beautifully out together online publication showcasing the best in Australian interior design and supporting local businesses… like ours!!!!

We are honoured to have been interviewed and featured in the newest issue - out today!


Anyone who knows me, knows I love a freebie, and here is the best part - the mag is totally free to download!!!

Check it out, read all about us and get inspo for your home… and all for free!



Grand Designs Live!!! August 13 2014

Oh yes, we are getting out the big guns...

We have been lucky enough to have ben selected to be a part of the Design Arcade in this years Sydney Grand Designs Live!

For us, it is the biggest news of the year so far, and we are honoured to be involved with such an exciting event.

Who knows? Play our cards right and we might even catch a glimpse of Kevin McCloud, but we are just so thrilled to be going. Hopefully we will see you there!!!


Finders Keepers! August 08 2014

So, part two of our exciting news is that we are booked in to do the Melbourne Finders Keepers Market in October!


This is such a buzz for us as we had such a great experience at the Sydney Finders Keepers, and will jump at any chance to go to Melbourne. 


So, mark it in your diaries and come visit us on October 17 and 18 at the Royal Exhibition Building, YAY!!!


Introducing MILKCART BLUE and MILKCART STYLE July 24 2014

Well, so much has been going on behind the scenes here over the last few weeks, and we have a few major announcements to make and here is the first..... cue drum roll.....


Milkcart is splitting up!!

...but it is good news, I promise!


Milkcart is going great guns. So well in fact, that we have to split it into three branches.


The gorgeous Danish inspired furniture that we design and make in our workshop is still the focus of our MILKCART brand.


However, the painted furniture commissions and one-offs are hugely popular and we are loving upcycling these items and giving them a new lease of life. We are calling this section MILKCART BLUE.


In addition, I have been doing some styling, both online and in person, for some homes and a great local business, and this will now be known as MILKCART STYLE.


None of this really affects anything for you guys, but for us, it gives us a level of clarity and helps compartmentalise things, allowing us to be more effective with our time management and planning.


So, that is announcement number one. Maybe a bit on the dull side, but don't worry - the news keeps getting better… stay tuned...

Goodbye school holidays! July 18 2014

Thank goodness for the school term!

I have just about survived two weeks at home with our three kids, and while business was going crazy in a good way, they were driving me crazy in a not-so-good way!

Luckily, they are pretty creative people so I hatched a little plan for them to flip a few pieces of furniture, sell them at the school fair to pocket he cash. Cave is hoping for a new pair of Nikes, and Lulu wants to add to her Disneyland fund (she dreams big!)

At least by keeping them busy, I also managed to get a few chairs done... And stay tuned for some exciting news within our Milkcart brand!

Happy Blog Life June 29 2014

We have been so lucky recently to have been featured in a bunch of fabulous blogs and write ups over the last few weeks, so I thought I would just share a couple with you.


my last blog was about a fab local team who are shining the spotlight on the creative talent in our area - aptly named The Creative Socialight! They aware wonderful to deal with and even tried to make our workshop look tidy in their photos! Find them (and us) at


And then this week, we have popped up on the fabulously stylish, and the uber popular fatmumslim blogs! 

On top of all of this, sour wee items are being featured in room inspo mood boards all over the place - including one that is inspired by the hit show Offspring! Woohoo! Not a bad crowd to be knocking around with!


Now, after all that excitement and (what feels to us) media frenzy, we still have to get busy working on our stuff, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new designs and directions!!!


Creative Socialight Featuring MILKCART! June 21 2014

This week, we were lucky enough to be interviewed and photographed by the gorgeous team at the Creative Socialight.

Highlighting the creative community in our area, they are linking us into a network of amazingly talented people, often just working out of their units or starting off in their back yards (like us) and showcasing the small businesses thriving against all odd in the current market.

Although it is a bit embarrassing to be featured (we prefer the camera too be pointing at our work, not our faces), we are honoured to be a part of it and share a little of our story.

Check it out!



His and Hers June 17 2014

We have been really lucky recently to have had some amazing local clients suggesting subtle custom changes to some of our most popular items. These have stunned out beautifully and have inspired us to expand our range with new options and twists on our old items... Here is a preview to a couple...

Yay for Finders Keepers! June 08 2014

Thank you to all the wonderful people who dropped by our stall at the Finders Keepers market over the last few days! It was a success beyond anything we imagined, with the most amazing people encouraging and inspiring us. 


At the market also, we debuted our lamp prototypes - Mr. Beaker and Skyline. They were hugely popular so we are starting production of our first batch tomorrow and they will be ready to ship out by the last week of June. Put in your preorder now to secure one of the first batch! And thanks again to all who came by the market - hopefully we will see you again soon!



Find us at Finders Keepers!!! June 03 2014

The amazing Finders Keepers Market is on this weekend and Milkcart is lucky enough to be a part of it!

Come visit us, and heaps of other fabulous designers, artists and sellers for two days only, in the Australian Technology Park in Sydney - hopefully we will see you there!